We at PRINT RIGHT started off in 1993 in a small workshop in Marsa. At first we dealt with small jobbing such as wedding invitations and office stationery.  Soon, however, our work demands grew and space started to become very limited.

We moved into larger premises located in the same town; this helped us not only to invest in more machinery but also to add more employees with our firm. Now we could accept bigger jobs as we invested in our own designing area and furnished our press with both printing and postpress equipment.The volume of work, the development of our employees' skills and the satisfaction of our client were on our daily agenda. As we invested in various fields we had to make sure to keep quality our top priority.  

Our firm became more competitive and this encouraged us to keep investing in the press itself

In 2009, after more then ten years in Marsa, we decided to invest in new premises in Qormi. Preparations to move into our new place took longer then we had expected due to the work involved on all the area to give the necessary facelift to the derelict old press premises.

The new PRINT RIGHT reception, offices, sanitary areas, designing rooms, hall, gift shop, canteen and the press itself were now just waiting for the shifting of the employees from Marsa to the present premises at Qormi.

Now that we have moved to the new premises we extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients for their ongoing encouragement and trust. We also thank our suppliers for their support in helping us invest in modern machinery. Much appreciated are our employees' pride in producing best possible results and our clients' satisfaction with the products after entrusting us with their printing ideas.

We now invite YOU to to join our cliental group. Do visit us at PRINT RIGHT and discover for yourself how our place is just the right environment with personnel equipped and ever ready to help you make your inspirations come true.



Gaetano Buttigieg


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We give this certificate to Print Right as a recognition for their help and generosity.
- Director of Education - Moscow

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